Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Where have I been for all these months since the summer? I have been completing 22 graduate applications for the fall 2012!!! Yes, I have 20 out of 22 completed, with transcripts to each from 5 different undergrad institutions. Working two part time jobs, running and working out... playing with my cat, etc... and just starting to get back into painting again with four new smaller works started. I also have a commission to start for a childhood friend in Michigan. I want to do a larger painting but one that is easy to transport. Maybe four by three feet.

I went home for Christmas--to Michigan, the first time in three years. It was great for so many reasons. I am in a better place. I am done "working" meaningless jobs (retail) with meaningless people, just to pay bills. I stopped doing that in the spring of 2011 and started heavily painting again, spiffing up the portfolio for grad school and finding my soul after it had been raped from a corporate-retail-whore-factory. A bit harsh you say??? No, those are the true words of an artist who isn't made to compromise myself to "fit in" to any given situation. I'd much rather wait tables and clean houses, keeping my dignity.

Furthermore, and to explain where I am now... I dreamt last night that I traded in my utilitarian Corolla for a covertable red Corvette. Man, I can really fucking tear up the streets in that bitch!