Thursday, September 26, 2013


buoyed, woven fabric
where the
resilient cockroach and
hearty rats
                 with their greasy coats and deformities
run atop of-
      (not forever)
but through the nuclear cloud
-so quick
breathes, blinks and beats?
no flowers or perfumes
but shit, teeth and scurrying.

               Caos>congestion>fast-movefaster/lift up your feet/they R
                   GET UP the stairs
race forwardandback
hungryalwaystiredalwayshungry and my eyes burn, all my shoes hurt
me. focus on now
        other things running behind your(my) eyes –o—o—
fastest today
                      tomorrow compost to the seedling.

The faces, so many faces
Never the same face-
to the 9’s, smelling like a million bucks.
Shoes raising her to the heavens-
                                                       The Throne.
But not the sirens
shoving/”MOVE”/joy/”BITCH!  MOVE------”

What holds up the faces on the bodies?
and buries the dead below?

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