Friday, January 12, 2018

"Shithole Countries"

I wrote this in conjunction with my artwork and Trump coming into power almost a year ago while in Berlin, Germany.

I question interdependencies of thought and action. How physical form and being, boarders and definitions, maintain constant fluctuation and a sense of wholeness. How is concrete space and form of intangible thought and lively action, experienced within self and of other living things? Further, what is the impact of movement and fluctuation of interchanging cells, people, things and ideas, on a micro and macro spectrum, cellular, animal, or the humanity of a city, country, world or universe? Politically and philosophically, nation, capital and consumption define value and identity. Who am I, what have I accomplished and what do I own? Amidst the American “Pursuit of Happiness,” dictated by the Declaration of Independence, I am validated and measured by my sex and gender, education, employment, financial status, romantic/partner status, home ownership, family history, political affiliations, travels and accumulation of things. Am I more valuable and entitled than an illegal immigrant because of my lineage of immigration, birthright or race? How are boarders defined and controlled? Should living things be subjected to domination by another because they are viewed as inferior, by their utility, or maintain different beliefs? As a whole, humanity’s pedigree is subpar to a wholesome ideal, one that is subversive, animalistic, murderous, cheap, fat, stupid, common and unfashionable—these characteristics are what I question, the willingness to survive, behold power and the lack thereof.